1. What is included in the annual subscription?

The annual subscription includes full access to the program for an unlimited number of users as well as the ability to manage multiple cases at one time, the storage of uploaded documents, printing capability and three hours of consulting time with an INCompliance attorney-consultant.

2. Do the consulting hours rollover into the renewal year if we don’t use them?

No. The consulting hours expire at the end of your subscription year and do not rollover. However, three “new” hours of consulting are included in your renewal fees.

3. Can the consulting hours be used in increments?

Yes. The consulting hours can be used in 15-minute increments at any time during the subscription year.

4. What if we need additional consulting hours?

Additional consulting hours will be billed at our attorney-consultants’ current hourly rates. We can provide those rates at the time you are considering utilizing additional consulting hours.

5. How many internal accounts can be created in our organization?

Your subscription includes an unlimited number of internal accounts. You will need to identify an administrator for your team who will have the ability to assign accounts as needed. The dashboard allows access to every case that has been created by any user within your organization.

6. Is the 60-Day Tool secure?

Yes. This resource was designed to comply with all HIPAA security requirements.

7. How long will information about our cases be stored?

Information will be stored in the 60-Day Tool for as long as your organization maintains an active subscription. If your organization does not renew its subscription, we will send a reminder to your organization’s administrator that all cases should be downloaded or printed so as to not lose access to the information. Stored data will be deleted 180 days after the date of subscription termination.

8. Will the 60-Day Tool run on Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer?

Yes. Chrome and Internet Explorer version 11 and above support the 60-Day Tool.